How do you upload a picture?


I was trying to upload a picture from my iPad to the forum. But, actually I don’t know how! Could you help me with that? Thank you!


How ironic, I’m showing you how to upload photos from photos!!!:joy:


Ha! Thank you for that! This is really helpful. :smiley:


Ohhhhhh!!! I totally get it now. :slight_smile:


Thats good. By the way, lots of people have had the same problem, as well as others. There is a topic (or two) detailing how to do this (as well as other stuff) so if you have a question again, it’s probably worth using the magnifying glass and searching up. :slight_smile:

This system prevents topics with the same content being posted, making topics more unique and easy to find :smiley: this is what people talk about when they say “SBYP”.


Ok. Thanks for the notice. I’m new here so I don’t know how this works ish.


Welcome to the forum! I see that you live in Georgia. We are close; I live in Tennessee. These topics might help on how to use the forum:


You’re welcome :smiley:


Welcome to the forum @yaygirls! I see that your question already is answered, and that’s good! Feel free to ask me or any other user if you ever would need any more help! And also, like the user @KVJ said, the magnifying glass is super good for searching for help.


Ooh thats me :0000000


Ok. I’ll definitely look at this. Thanks for the help.


Ok. Forgot to do that the first time, but I’ll do it now.


It´s okay, and some questions is not easy to find an answer to.


this is how you upload a picture
Look at my topic
It will have all the details
And uploading a pic is the same as a screenshot


Ok. Thanks! You seem like a cool person!


Aw thx!!
Your cool too
And ive heard of @photographer123 whos the other person on the account


Yeah. She drew my picture…



Yeah i read your bio


I like descendents also!


Cool. In case you didn’t know, she still does requests. If you want one just ask her!