How do you turn on notifications




You are able to download an app called “discourse” from there, you will be able to connect to Hopscotch forum and get notifications on your device.


no i mean for hopscotch

i have discourse


Oh! Just go to notifications and turn on Hopscotch.


it doesnt show up there???


Wait, what? I don’t understand what you are talking about…


I want to turn on notifications for the hopscotch app but the app doesnt show up in the notifications settings so i cant turn notifs on.


Strange… Try deleting Hopscotch and re-downloading it…


ok just a few minutes hmm


still no


Same for me. I don’t have it either, but it could be because I use Hopscotch mainly on my school iPad. I don’t know if Hopscotch even has notifications at all really for anyone not on a school iPad. Something to look into…


you have to reinstall it

it asks when you get your first notification after installing @pomtl


Yes why did you tag us?


idk figured this might be important


It tagged us all, except it’s under the pomtl uses XD


lmao what happened??


Click on the pomtl tag that you tagged, it’s actually an alt :joy:


LMAO BUT IT tagged the group?


Yeah :joy:
Super weird discourse bug


read the bar on the bottom, with the new topics