How do you tag somebody? Please answer!


Hi guys I’m new to the forum and I have a question. How do you “tag” somebody to talk to them? It may be a question… but🤣


By placing a @ with their name.
Like this:


Where do I type that? On a new topic or…


In whenever place you want; on a new topic if you want to let know to other users, on posts, etc.


Ok thank you so much :blush:


Let me know if you have any more further questions on tagging! :smile:

It’s pretty simple! It is just a matter of inserting the @ symbol before any username you would like! You can do this on a topic or post! It basically just notifies the person you are tagging that YOU tagged them, and directs them to your post. It is a great way to relay information about collabs or competitions!


Like this:
@(user’s name)
I tagged you!


You should do it in a new post if you just want to say something to a user. If you think that the post has so much information or could be a start of a new discussion, you should create a new topic.

Here is an example:
Tagging could be used like this in a post:
@GlitetryButterfly1 I really agree with your opinion! This feature would be definitely cool to have in Hopscotch.

Tagging could be used like this in a topic:
Hi! I am super excited to announce a new challenge that I and @GlitteryButterfly1 will host. The challenge has one main theme: Weather. Code whatever weather you have outside your window or your favorite window - it is your decision! Post links to your projects in this topic. The due date is August 30, 2018. Have fun and good luck!

I hope that this is clear. If not, just ask me by replying or tagging!