How do you split projects and other questions


Please help me. How do you split them


Like in Hopscotch, or the forum, or..?


What exactly do you mean by 'splitting'? I has never heard this term before.


If you mean splitting/merging a topic like Kiwicute did to the poll post, only Leaders can do that.


How do you become a leader(sorry I am probably annoying but you are helping a LOT so thanks:grinning::grinning:)




Only the Hopscotch Team (usually Liza) can promote people at the moment :wink:


Oh(how can that happen)


If they think someone is really kind and helpful they'll make them a Leader! We only have three so far that aren't Discourse staff or THT.


Thank you so much(you are realy helpful)


No problem! :wink:


It might take you awhile to become one because you are new and still a basic.


I know I was just wondering(also I'm member not basic)


It takes a while for you to get the badges- it took a really long time for me to be regular! To become a leader, I would help keep the conversation moving, provide helpful posts, and don't drift off topic too much :wink:


Thanks @CreativeCoder and @PopTart0219


And it increases your chances if you meet THT in real life!, so they see your personality


Where are they(I might be able to go!!)


Wish I could, email them, I think somewhere in new york, ask @Kiwicute2016


They are in New York City (pretty sure :wink:)


New York City, right on Madison Street I think. They're really close to the water and fifth avenue.