How do you set photo on forums?


How do u set photo on forums?


1. Click On Your Icon On The Header (Top Of The Website).
2. Go To Profile.
3. Then Click On Prefrences.
4. Scroll Down Until You Find The Text "Profile Picture".
5. Click On The Pencil.
6. Click On The 3rd Bubble.
7. Click On "Upload Image.
8. Find The Image You Want To Use For Your Profile Picture.
9. Hit "Save Changes"
10. Boom. Enjoy Your New Profile Picture On The Hopscotch Forums.


Do you mean your profile picture? If so, check out this post.
If you mean putting a screenshot in a post check out this thread.


Hi there @Gavins_Games all you have to do is go to your profile.Then hit Preferences and then hit the pencils on stuff and that is how easy it is!