How do you send messages to other hopscotchers?


I'm still a little new to the forum so I
wanted to know if it is possible that other hopscotchers could sends messages to other ones?
Or is it just the admins who can?
Thx for your help!


Sending messages is currently impossible.
But that doesn't keep you from asking questions, give ideas, talk about hopscotch... By making topics like this one.

Chatting may be possible
Some people have been asking to be able to chat, here's the topic:


But Liza set me a message.


Did she? From personally or the basic welcome or you've been flagged? If that happened than it was the computer.


I got a message once from Liza saying that I did a great post because it had good annotations and stuff.


When you clicked the disscusion button (the :speech_balloon:) did her message have an arrow next to it or a envelope next to it?


@CreativeCoder Great job!


Yea you can also reply to her post but the subject was to send messages to hopscotchers.


@Codingiscool, @NDSDNS, @CreativeCoder. Liza can send messages to everybody, you can even reply to her, you just can't do it to other hopscotchers.


Hey @glow12 your question was perfectly relevant :smiley: I'm guessing you meant sending messages to people on the forum right? If so, that's perfectly valid! Sorry if people were confused that it was irrelevant :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately we can't send messages to other people on the forum. I think admins can, but we can't. Here's what Liza says:

I think that's true since our discussions and helpful info should be available to everyone :smiley: And this post was also about sending messages, which you can check out here.

Just take a search before you ask a question to check if there's any helpful answers out there already :smile:


She sent me 3 about being flagged and 1 about how my iPad screen was broken.


@t1_hopscotch thanks for understanding :grinning:


@glow12 since the original topic about sending forum messages was fine, you can edit the title back so that people know what it's about when they find this :smiley: Then they'll know it's about sending messages on the forum.


@t1_hopscotch This might looks like a weird question and all but, how should I write the tittle?


It's not a weird question at all, it's fine :smile: You can change it back to what it was before-

How do you send messages?

And I can't remember what description you wrote but a similar thing to yours like: is it possible to send messages on the forum?

This way people know the topic is about sending messages on the forum.


She is a leader. Leaders have more permissions to do things.