How do you send a messange


Liza has probably sent us ALL messages when we first got here. I wonder how you send them.


Good question I wonder I don't think we can
If we can't send them to other hopscotchers on the forum
We should at least be able to send them to @Liza personally
Instead of in the public if we want a direct answer
In one of my questions I asked how we could delete messages
I don't know if we can send them


I think only admins can send messages but I'm not sure.


I've actually have sent a message back to them before, they messaged me that my topic was cool, then I responded thanks, and they replied back. So I think that you can message them but not anyone else.


HT said since they want the information to be available to anyone, you can't send private messages to other Hopscotchers, but apparently you can to members of the Hopscotch Team. Liza explained here