How do you see a whole title?


The title pretty much says it.
When you see the three dots after the title on a project, how do you see the rest?


Umm... I dont know how


Idk. Good question. I've been wondering that myself for the past few days.



Not for helping me figure it out. XD

As in the good question part.


Basically, you can go into the project, and make a few changes. Then, you could "publish" it, and you're going to have to delete the whole tittle.

That's when you consider read the whole tittle. Then, you can click the < sign and go back, not publishing the project. Does this make sense? XD


I does to me! :D

In the old update, you could press the the three dots on the inside of the project, and then some options would come up, and you could see the whole title!

Not anymore tho :0


Or j can save the project in drafts the. Tap on the titLe


Yeah, you could see the whole title unless it was super duper long. I saw one that was cut off the screen once!