How Do YOU Search Up Forum



The title explains it all but how do you search up forum on safari, Google or whatever else you use.


What do u mean?



How do you get forum up on your screen??


You just type in "Hopscotch Forum" or "". :)


No I mean how does each person do it


I saved the forum to my homepage, so I just entered it in once.

I'm laazzzyyy.


My iPad saw that I visit this a lot so now if I just type in f it auto fills the addres.s :smirk:


Yah me too :joy:


From my Favorites!


On my computer I have it bookmarked, and on my iPad, it's usually open, but if I happen to close it I just type in "f" and then it will be one of the sugestions.


Search "Hopscotch Forum" probably


But I just use a bookmark.


Ei dun ned tu tip et, eiv sevd et



Most people wouldn't search up the forum


I have it on my homepage :stuck_out_tongue: it's also in my favorites, I don't type anything lol :D


I have it save on my home page, so I don't have to keep typing it in.


I just type 'f' and it automatically types the rest because I'm so active yey
then I press enter and bam!
im srsly enjoying deathly hallows rinaw :0
so gud
ima proud ravenclaw


I just type:


and then because I come here so often it fills in the rest for me and then i press enter :3


I type "fo" or just click the bookmark but it's usually open anyway


I have it on my home screen and it's like an app.