How do you scroll sideways?


How on hopscotch do you make the screen move for a game of mine :slight_smile:


What she means if anyone needs clarification, is “how do you make the screen scroll sideways when you swipe the screen?”

(I’m in the same room as her in real life lol)




I think you just use the same scrolling code you would use for up and down, only make it sideways instead!! :D

Do you know any scrolling code? :)


No I don’t know any scrolling codes


Okay, well the Hopscotch team made a project announcing scrolling a long time ago and I learned the scrolling code by looking at the code of that project. You can try that too if you want :D
Do you want me to get the link to it?


When you make it scrolling down, Change the “Change Y” to “Change X”


Yes please I would love that


Ok cool!!!


They also made a video. Remember that?


Yeah, I remember that :DDDDD


Okay, here it is:

Tell me if you need any more help! :)


This is the basic code for scrolling. Play around with the set position values and setting the Scroll X variable to something when the game starts. Let me know if you have any questions.