How do you screen record?



Does anyone know how to screen record? I dunno how to do it.....


For recording Hopscotch: If you have an old iDevice it won't work... But new ones have a record button next the the spot where you remix a project.


You could download an app called air Shou, it's not on the App Store, I'll make a tutorial of how to download it...


Ohhh. Ok thanks :frowning: wish I could


I thought any iOS 9 devices could do it...


Download the app airshou from

You can record with that


But can you somehow do it with an old device?


Here is a tutorial-


Make sure you're using the latest version of iOS.


What is Ze internet?


I have a 1st generation iPad mini, and the record button isn't on there. My sister has a 4th version iPad mini and she has the record button. If you get an app like @EP125 suggested, you'll probably be able to record videos.




Check your iOS version. If you can search the settings, you can record Hopscotch xD


Oh, ok thanks. I'm doing it right now


K, I'll look right now

Do you have screenshots of where the setting is?


No problem! Sorry for my silly langauge


No, only microphone comes up, not screen recording


I meant the settings app.


On Hopscotch or on something else? I'm talking about Hopscotch.


I know, but where in the settings app...