How do you resume in your game?



Like the tapper game or maybe something like Clash of Clans. They allow you to resume and keep your score without starting over unless you delete the game.


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You're going to need some sort of password system.
That's very hard to make though


I will



here is a map of the game. (really good game idea by the way!)
You will need in this case 9 values for the buildings and 1 for the cash,
So a value for each tile and each statistic,
Each square has a value between 0 and X (X = the number of building types)
You would need a button or swipe to give you the save code
The code would be like this:
4,7,7,4,9,1,5,1,6, 65785
|----buildings---| |score|
You would need a load button you game menu:
Where you tap the numbers to enter the building code and press the score number to set it to what it was when you saved and that is basically it!
This is hackable I know but you can make it harder to hack by using non-linear numbers for better buildings,

And one Final-Question!
Can I use the idea for making a game of my own???????


Of course! And thank you


Okay so I know how I think I will explain with screenshots soon!


Almost done! Btw (by the way) you need to have a log in and you half to save game every time


Oh and I published the game! You see it here I hope the link works (I hand typed it)


I did a game demonstrating the concept here @Huggingfluffybear


Oh okay! I think I am going to use my saving method for a game! Btw thanks for following me!


How does your code work? @Huggingfluffybear


So it's like once you hit save game you get a number the number code is money or taps or whatever you want to save and add it to the square root of 9! Or any math and then is tells you the answer and with the log i'm still trying to figure out I think I know but I don't know tell me if this does not make scenes!


I was trying something like that when I started my game :slightly_smiling: My one saves the houses not the cash :smirk:


Oh cool! You could also save pos if you want or house btw pos men's positions!


Yes but the houses are in set places...My one was VERY hard to make :open_mouth:


Yeah you are a awesome coder I am going to try with more anvance saving I really want to pour into that I just thought of the saving today!


Thanks! Just don't try it with a 3x3 grid :sweat_smile: There must be more than 100 rules


In fact it's the first real game made with my new iPad!


Yeah defiantly if I want to draw it out!