How do you record hopscotch on Quick Time?



I just got a mac book so I was thinking of making a recorded Tutourial (like the videos the hopscotch team makes ex. Flappy bird, cooking game)
Do you have to sync up your laptop with your I pad?
If anyone knows how to do it, please help.


If you are on your iPad, then you press the little red dot in the top left corner and you can record you playing the game! :smile:


I have iPad 2 which is an older version and older versions of iPads don't have the recording button. That's why my only choice is quick time but thanks for your help anyways @Dude73


I do not think you can if you don't have the record button if you do get a earlier iPad record for something and plug your iPad into your Mac and then copy it over to your Mac!


Have you gotten the IOS9 update? I think you can record with that. :smile:


You have to use Airserver, or Bluetooth. Your iPad's screen will appear on your computer, and if your QuickTime is on, it'll record!


Or you can use your usb cable to connect it to your computer and record.


If it is a lightning cable.


Thanks @XiaoMiaoMi , @AHappyCoder , @Phase_Admin and @Huggingfluffybear


Aww thanks and no problem for whatever I did!