How do you put the black boxes in hopscotch?they look like this:⬛️ but they are not emojis.some help here?


I do not know how do you put these things,and as a result,I can’t make 3D projects that aren’t emojis.Please tell me how you put these!


My whole life was doing this
Type up Pokemon red & blue, then look at some code and you’ll see some black squares, copy them, and paste it into your project.


Copy and paste from online, if you have a computer you can edit the Jason file to add them too I believe…


I understand what you mean. I looked on my profile and this icon: ■ should work just fine. Copy it and then paste it one of your projects to try it out :slight_smile:
Oh, and by the way, welcome to The Hopscotch Forum!


Thanks guys!I will try what you said above.


Thanks!I copied it from your text


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No problem, I’m just happy to help!

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True. But at this point, most people who hate it, have left.