How do you put an icon on your group?


Good question, I think another way to do it is to upload the picture normally in a post. Then hold and click on it to Copy the link.

You can try this with the pictures you uploaded before, for example :smiley:


Still doesn't work
So you just press copy when you press it and then paste it?
That's what I did and didn't work :pensive:


Let me try that @t1_hopscotch


Ugh still doesn't work
When I try to paste it all it says is look up!


Hmm okay, I tried copying and pasting the URL from that picture and it seemed to work :thinking:🤷‍♀️


It seems that when you copy the thing from the picture, one of these things happen:
1. (less likely) it copies the picture
2. (more likely) it copies a google link and not the link of the picture.

To fix this:
1. Try to find the real link of the image.
2. Copy the link of that image
3. Done

oh wait, this topic is 14d old and I think it's already answered?


Yeah it is old but thx for help! :grin: