How do you put an icon on your group?


How do you put a icon on your group
I think hab (hopscotcher against bullyin.g) has one
How do you add one
Cause all it has is a preview icon thing

Cool feature: Add Font Awesome Icons as a group image [Tutorial]




Use a URL to the image in avatar flair.


What do you put in though
A link?


That's what I said.


Oh lol
I'll try to do that


It didn't work @Petrichor


Go to "edit group"

Then put your URL in to "Avatar flair image"

And don't forget to press "save changes"


Yeah but where do you get the URL from
Do you copy any thing


Find the image you want to use online and copy that URL.


From where though
I don't really know


One moment I'll show you.




Okay here we go...
So look up what you want a photo of. I searched up puppies becuase idk why not.
Click on the "images" tab.

You should see something like this:

Scroll down until you find the one you want and click on it.

Press on the photo until this pops up:

Then click on "copy" and you can now paste the URL into the thingy.


Oh no I'm get it
Ok I'll go do it!
Thx a lot kaykat


It has the pic but I pressed save changes but it didn't work

The 2nd image is the first and the 1st is 2nd


Do not pay attention to the preview image. As long as the big picture is correct at the top.


But I pressed save changes and still nothing


Idk what is happening.