How do you put a poll in here?


I don't know how to put a poll in here!:angry::weary:


- Option1
- Option 2
Also, put a backslash, /, after the first bracket and before the word poll.


Check this topic out! Remember, search before you post! :slight_smile:


It's ok, it ok!

Just do this @HorsesKM:

- Something
- Karrot
- Horses

Remember, there is already topics similar to this! So before creating a new one, search "poll" for your answer! :D :wink:


Yes. Like @Rawrbear bear said, search before you post. We don't want to clog up the Forum.


@SmileyAlyssa! :rage::wink:

  • Velveeta Keeta/Calico 2.0 is cool
  • Velveeta Keeta/Calico 2.0 is NOT cool.
  • I'm a goofy goober


Hopefully this works


You have to put the slash inside of the [ ]




There you go!:wink: I'm going to try it.


It not working!!


Life hax


On the first [poll] or the second [poll]?


You add it on the second one


Let me try:



How do you do it?!:angry::weary:


Do you put this in front of it? -


You have to do

- Hi
- Hii
- Hiii





Ya I tried that! It doesn't work!!:rage::weary:


Do it like this
- Apple
- olive

But spell the last poll like poll not pol. I spelt it wrong to show you what to do