How Do You Pick A Good Quality HSB Color?




My HSB colors aren't as good as other people's HSBs. How do you pick good HSB colors? Is it with a color picker? Is it just by playing around with color codes??

Thanks! :D

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You can use PurpleHawk's HSB color picker. It is on Featured I think.


Is there another way without using it..?


If you don't want to use that one, Toaster rebellions is my personal fav! It has a color circle, and produces nice colors!


Oh, yeah! That one is really good! I'm going to use it and see what happens :D


It's so good I keep it in my drafts for when I don't have Wi-Fi. It even deserves its own meme.






Dunno lol


Here's a gif for that


I was about to do that XD


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I like altering the colors we already have in hopscotch, using the select all and copy feature! :D

Once I have that base color that is around the color that I want, I usually just change the brightness, and saturation, but sometimes (rarely) I would alter the color.

When altering the brightness, make sure to remember, 0 is darkest, 100 is lightest.
So, if you want a bright color, 100!
Sometimes 100 is too bright, If it is, 90-95 works really well for a color that is bright, but not too bright! :D

When altering the color, remember, 0 is red, so the higher you go, the colder the colors get (until you get to the end!).

When altering the saturation, remember that the color doesn't just get more pastel, but the color gets paler.

0 is white.

When the brightness is lower than 100...
^ If your brightness is 99, it won't make much difference. XD ^

The closer you get to white, the grayer the color will get.
So... Example...

^ Random HSB that I just typed. ^

It's kinda pale. XD
... I think...

If you're aiming towards pastel colors, make sure the brightness is high (over 95), and the saturation is high as well. (under 50).

If you can visualize a color that you need, but you can't figure out how to type it in HSBs, try Paper 53!

Try using the color stuff, until you find a good base color.

Then try it on the project, and if it's not what you want, alter it! :D

Try to have a color visualized, it helps a lot! :D

^ That is really long... ^


That's what I do! Usually I play around with the colors we have! :D

Finding HSB's online is tedious...


I usually play around with our default colors too, I just usually skip the visualize your color step. XD

EDIT: I also sometimes pick a color using an online color picker tool! It's not that good though :P


Me too,.............


Actually, it's T1's. She just used TR's spiral because she was too lazy to copy it :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually go on websites like, and blend around for a bit. Once I've gotten a shade I like, I export it, and copy it. Copy a selected section in Preview on the computer, and paste it into your search bar. Then it gives you a string of code as your HSB.

This sounds really complicated... Whoops...


You sound like Napstablook from Undertale! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don't worry, I see what you're saying! :slight_smile:


I used that one for my Easter Sanctuary! It's amazing!