How do you paste code?



I already know how to copy code but, when I hold down the when game starts block paste doesn't pop up.


Go to App Store new update for hopscotch!!!!!


Mine is still updating


What I did was:

  • Tap on the block

  • Tap it again until the block shows up as the color light blue

  • There should be the copy, and delete options! :3

Tell me if this works! c:

There's other ways, but this one worked for me. XD

Like @Intellection74's! :3 vvv


You click and hold on any block (or group of blocks), and click "Copy":

Then, a Paste it wherever you want by holding down again!

^^ And what Maltese said. :) ^^


You just have to hold down on an empty space for paste to work!
Blocks only work for pasting inside Whens while Whens only work inside objects, and objects work inside the space for objects!


All of them worked thanks


Thanks a lot it worked


Thx it worked Maltese


It worked GysvANDRegulus


Great! :D

I'm glad I was a help! c:

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Sorry I forgot @Maltese


You didn't forget anything! :3

I'm just saying that you can do it if you need any more help. c: