How do you merge and split?


Wow. Sorry about da title. :3 Can some regulars help with this?
I wanna know how u can merge and split.

I've seen a lot of topics merge, But

I saw my first TOPIC split, like, a min ago.

So, I'm wondering, HOW DO YOU MERGE AND SPLIT?


Only leaders can split and merge. Regulars can use lounge, create wiki posts, and rename topics.


Who is a leader den :3


Only members of the hopscotch team.


Right now, only the Hopscotch Team.


Merge is basically moving some posts from one topic into another one. I'm not sure what split is though, maybe splitting a topic in half?
Only leaders and above can merge and split.


What everyone above said :smiley:

And thanks for tagging me :)



The closest you can get to merging is this:

If a reply to you is leading to another conversation or isn't getting slightly off topic (as in it could be in another topic), you can hit Reply, type a reply (possibly with a quote), go to the appropriate topic, and click Reply.
It should come up with a question of whether or not you want to post in this or the original topic.