How do you make this?



So you might know what a tag list is I want to make one but Don't know how! I see other topics saying make it here but I don't get how can someone tell step by step? And when you do have the list how do you add it in topics do you press a button? I know I am asking a lot but please can someone help me!


See this topic!


I already did but when I edit it it makes no sense


Go to that topic, Ask for a wiki post (I can make it if you want).

There you can ask people to add their name for a ... list.

Then bookmark the post and copy and paste it wherever you're using it!


Yeh but how do you add it in what do you type?


Click the green box in the upper right corner of the post.
Or click the pencil by the post at the bottom (if you can't see it just click the •••)