How do you make the blurry text?


I've seen people make this cool blurry text and I want to know how to make it!
Can someone tell me?


Your text
[/spoiler ]
Without space




It would be like this when you do that


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heres a topic for it


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[quote="A person in a galaxy far, far away]


This is such a spoiler



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You can just click if you wanna see it

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Alright now we know @kiwicute2016 please close this.


I think it wouldn't do any harm in keeping it open, as other people might stumble across it and might try it out here instead of posting at random places! But, if you really want me to, I'll close it.
Btw, when do you want me to reopen that school thingy?


I'd be happy if it just be opened up now, so my teachers and students can do their stuff. Then on the topic can you please quote my thing with all the tags class schedules?


Will gif's work?


@Stampys_fans appears not.


It worked for me


oh actually they do!