How do you make tabs?


I need to make tabs for a occasion. I tried many times but the tabs only stayed in the open position and it doesn't revert to the unopened position.


What do you mean by tabs?


You press it. Something opens. Press again. It closes.


Like, you want to know how to do this in hopscotch?


Is this what you are after?


Press the gear icon and choose the option that says hide details

Edit: it's not working for me right now​:slight_frown:


On HS not on HS Forum.


Yes. Exactly.


Whoops! Lol​:sweat_smile::joy:


When blank is tapped
Increase value Blank
That triggers an effect

When blank is talked Increase 1 blank.
That triggers another effect

I'm not sure how to do this endlessly


Use values.

Like with the pausing concept!