How do you make Smooth backgrounds?


How do you make smooth backgrounds because I have been trying for ages and I never get anywhere! :sob:


It's easy go on @SnowGirl_Studios tutorial it will teach you how


Ok thank you very much!


And if the tutorial doesn't work you can use on of my smooth backgrounds on hopscotch to learn the code:)


@PrettyBallerina Great question! One super easy way to find stuff out like this is to search the forum! Check out the upper right corner of your screen—there's a little magnifying glass. Type your question in here and see if someone has already asked it. The answer might already be in the forum!

Here's a screenshot:


Ok I will try that next time!
Thanks @Liza


Here's a picture of the code:




@PrettyBallerina you can see how to do that smooth backgrounds thing on Kiwicute2015's Youtube video.