How Do You Make Polls?



Hi! I'm @colorfulbird369 and I was wondering if someone can please tell me how to make a poll. Thanks!' :blush:

Survey on hopscotch form

You do this
- write something
- write something
[/poll ]
Without the space and you can have as much options as you want hope it helped!


Thanks!!! This helped alot!


You're welcome! Do you want me to tell you how to make this

Hi there!


You are new, and I totally understand why you were confused! But remember, sometimes topics with answers to your question might already have been made. So next time, search for the topic before you create a new one! And welcome!

[poll name=something]
- First
- Second
- You can add more if you want...


And you do

  • h



- Meh
- Meh 2
[poll ]


ok thanks i will try

i hope it worked????


why is my poll not working???


Do this! :wink:

- Choice 1
- Choice 2


oh so that is how u do it!!!!:grinning:


Yeah, try it! :grin:

  • happy
  • sad
  • depressed
  • mistified


strong text





[poll ]
- Option
- Optoin 2
[/poll ]


like this, but DON'T put the space before the word poll
[ poll]
- happy
- sad




put a space after happy and sad :wink:


and put /poll at the bottom