How do you make point towards?



I am making a game which needs a compass to point toward a object except I don't know how to make point towards???.


There was a very simple and, I think, clever solution to your problem, @AHappyCoder, that might make you even more "happy". :smile: that solution was coded by a user called something like "simpleprogrammer" or "simplecoder". If you can't find it, I will go look up the code and try to paste a link. But the good news is, yes, you can do this.

Hey… Wait… I think you just gave me a good idea with that question… Thanks.


I can't find that hooscotcher :frowning:


OK, no problemo. Let me look him or her up and try to post a link to what I am thinking about. I only saw it two or three days ago, and I remembered it because it solved exactly the same problem for me.... I will add an edit here, when I return.…

EDIT: Here it is...


Yay it works! Thanks!


I did I failed copying it though