How do you make one object into a few?


I used a few objects for this:

But do you know how to make it look like that but instead with only one object?


Yeah! You can use clones :smiley:

Just use this code:

You can change 75 to a greater number to make the circles farther apart.


That method works but, it looks a bit wierd when the shapes are moving


You should use Set Position, then.


Either you can set the speed to very fast so you can't really see the objects move, or what @MR.GAM3R suggested :)


Happy b day too!


Yeah, that works too, although I'd say it's not very efficient.


Use some values. I always use values:



Y position part of Set Position

Using this method you can easily make more than 2 x 2, just by changing the number of clones & values in the Set Position formula.


The 2 references to (● Circle) Index would need to be changed to :iphone:Index if you want to refer to the (Self) Index again later.

Edit: As @MR.GAM3R pointed out, both "2"s in the Set Position are the number of dots per row!


That method didn't seem to work.


Hi @CheckyWecky
The code I showed should work if you copied it correctly. Maybe double check? If you'd like to post a link to your project, I'd be happy to help troubleshoot.


For the y position which purple thing do you do first?

(I probably did it wrong that's why it didn't work)


(Round((self_Index / 2) - 0.5) x 75 ) + circle_Yposition


Which do you put first?


That's what the ( ) indicate...

self_Index / 2
(self_Index / 2) - 0.5
Round((self_Index / 2) - 0.5)
Round((self_Index / 2) - 0.5) x 75
(Round((self_Index / 2) - 0.5) x 75 ) + circle_Yposition


To make a 6x2 grid, as in


I had to use rnd(Self.Index / 6 - 0.5) x 75. Otherwise they all go in a diagonal line.


Lol, yeah you're right. I wasn't paying attention when I put the text on the graphic!


Umm... I still don't really get it it's ok.


First, enter (Self) Index in your block.

Then, tap Divide, and enter 2.

Select the Divide bubble in your Set Position block, and then tap on the Subtract block. Now enter 0.5

Select the Subtract bubble in your Set Position block, and then tap the Round block to add it to your code.

Now, tap the entire Round bubble, and add the Multiply block. Add whatever spacing you want.

Finally, do the same thing again, but tap the Multiply bubble and add the Add block. Enter whatever value you want, in this case you may want (Circle) Y Position.


That still doesn't work