How do you make objects point to my touch

hello, i wanted to make things to rotate to my touch, like the object will point towards my touch

i wanted to make this project, because for the sake of learning and fun

i made this topic (i hope this is the right category) because google doesn’t answer my question, i tried understanding some of your project that have this function (but i still don’t understand).i also tried youtube, read countless websites and all i know is a thing called

but hopscotch doesn’t have this thing to make stuff rotate to my touch, can someone teach me how?


@new.user ThinBuffaloSr. has a very cool point towards code that uses only one set angle block. The code in it is very long, so it might look confusing at first.


Also, hope you don’t mind, but I also moved your topic to the Debug My Code Category (as in I changed the category to Debug My Code)


it is fine


and i figured out how thinbuffalo’s pointing system thank u for ur suggestion


so you figured out what’s going on?

If you’re done I can’t lose this topic for you


Hello! Looks like Crosbyman’s already helped to solve this.
If you have any questions like this in the future, you can tag the tag list CodeHelp to notify more people who would love to help you. Just a tip :upside_down_face:

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yep i figured out

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i even published a project about it

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Seems everything is resolved - tag me here if you want this reopened or have any questions!