How do you make games on Hopscotch? Closed



Please help mee. I've been wondering for a while.
I found this:

This is by the YouTuber:
Mr Awesome.


Are you on an iPhone/iPod? This matters


iPad. So why does it matter?


You can't make projects on iPhones/iPods, do you know how to make a project?


Of course! Why would I not?


Um... Start with the tutorials... XD


Tried, but it did no help.


Okay! I wasn't quite sure of the title... you need to have an idea! Then you need to start putting the back ground in, once you have done that add any players that you want and make your in-game enemies move and do whatever you want them to do. You can change your idea if any part of the idea if it is too hard to make, you also need to keep testing every little bit of code to make sure it works, then when you think you are done play the game with the intent of winning if you find any bugs then fix them and play again. I think that games with simplistic graphics are good, I make that style of game a lot, I hope this helps!


Uh, okay. What? No! Why?!


Errrrrrrr! Why what?!


Do you have that Plus button at the bottom of your screen? I mean, when you enter Hopscotch... If you have that.. Tap it and tap Blank Project or whatever..


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I know that. Yeesh people!


step 1, Idea, think of a cool idea for a game. If you cant try combining 2 things you like in a wierd way. Guns and Candy for exaample. A game where you shoot guns but candy comes out.

step 2, plan, now maybe jot down what you want your game to be like. Hmm... Guns that shoot candy, maybe a cannon that shoots chocolate or gumballs. maybe jot down enemys and power ups (if you have them)

step 3, design, now see if you can code those things in your game. design things one at a time. They dont have to be in any order.

step 4, layout, now that you have your stuff you just need to put them in the right places or combine thigns with other things. This is my favorite part because you might hit a bump in the road and need to code a bit more to combine things.

step 5, test, test your game, The more the better is the saying here. Testing is good because when you play your game you get an expiriance of how others will play it too. Pretend your a player who doesnt know how to play and is trying to test your game for anything they can critic it about.

Step 6, Fixing, Fix those things in step 5 then repeat step 5 all together. Untill you have a complete and fully fledged game.

step 7, Publish, give your game a snazzy name. For the guns and candy game its going to be called The Candy Campain. This step is probably the most random because it may take a while to become amazing.

step 8, veiw your published project every week or so and look at projects that have your games name in the title. Also, look at messages that say for (name). Some people want help or want to give you advice on your game.

step 9, critics, People want to copy your game if you are successfull, if you get mad, do not worry, either copyright your game (with permission of the hopscotch team) or just ignore the people. Most of the time they get less veiws and branches than you do, and responding to them will let the people following you know you care about the copyer. Making the copier get more views out of your followers!

step 10, end, this step is only here to make the list an even number. GOdd job!!!


I will try? :cold_sweat: That is a lot though.


i know, i tend to get over dosed on typing.


Ha ha. Do you do the app?


I used to do hopscotch, it was so simple it was hard to make anything complex. If you know what im trying to get at. anyways, good luck n your quest for making games, i have a 0.5th step for you, look at other peoples projects. Do not remix and publish them. but branch them and look at the code for something you deem interesting, if he is still on try branching funky63s projects, he is normally neat and tidy with his code so its easy to follow along.


What was your username though?


i think it was chickenlord I was using for quite some time so there is a chickenlord old and a chickenlord new i believe. I normally made Zelda type games (or tryed to using this app) called chickie quets. I had 3 games in it, each one was probably better than the last and using some of the new variables of the time. In this updat i think only the 3rd will work the way it used to. the other to are probably broken adn will crash your app. (hopefully not)