How do you make custom tags?


I see people with tags about their username. How do you get this???


You have to be a regular


Very good question, but dont you think this has been asked before? What do you think?
Anyway here is a quick answer, to make tags you must have the regular bag.


Well then I won't be makin tags for a long time:joy:




I've gotten so many flags, if I hadn't gotten them I would have been regular, but nah!


Don't worry as long as you stay on topic, don't spam, and be kind you can "undo" those flags and still have a chance at being regular! Just remember not everyone is perfect so your not the only one with fags. :wink: i think lmost everyone has at least 1 flag.


What tags are you talking about??


True I have 2 flags once I edited it and changed it and also my first topic about smells(which I did not know was April fools then) got deleted!


Custom tags, Like how regulars and higher can make their own tags. @SabotageWarning if you want i can make you a username tag BUT you would have to use it respectfully. and i think if you were on the forum and it was in beta and then everyone else came in and flagged everything that was "off topic" i think those flags got erased but im not sure...


What tags is it the @'s???


heres an example

regulars and higher can make new tags that weren't there before


Oh okay that makes scence thanks!