How do you make awesome games?


Hello, I am kinda new to Hopscotch, but I love making games.
My name's Harrythecoder on Hopscotch. If you'd like please follow me because I have 1 follower:cry:.


Welcome, but sorry if you beg, people won't follow you :confused:


Welcome to the forum!

If you need any help, tag me @tankt2016, or @KVJ!
Try checking some other's code out first!
Oh, by the way, I like your profile picture! :D


Most Hopscotchers don't get a lot of followers in the start.
Your time will come.


Okay. I will practice.


I'm glad that you love to make games.
People will follow you if they like what you make, not if you ask :wink:

You need some practice and I'm sure you'll make awesome games! If you ever need help, ask me.

I see you are a Harry Potter fan! Me too! :slight_smile:

Make sure to always be nice and only talk about Hopscotch on the Forum! Welcome! :3


You get followers by sharing your projects with others.



Here's a tip: Try out new things and ask for help if you need! It takes a while, but I'm sure you'll make amazing stuff.


That's right!


Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime @Harry!


Here's the basics to making a good game. You can think of it almost like the writing/reading plot diagram. XD

The Character(s)

When making a game you need to make sure your characters are professional, but simple. I like to use shapes to create characters. Are you the character? Are there multiple characters? Do you choose a character? Can you unlock a character? Does this character fit with my game theme? Is my character on a team? These are some of the key questions you need to answer when making a character. Try to plan out what your character will look like on a drawing app or piece of paper before you code it. Is your character an animal or a person? A boy or a girl? The protagonist or antagonist? What emotions is my character feeling throughout my game? Keep these things in mind when planning out your character.

The Setting(s)

A game setting is very important. It's where your character is for almost all of the game. Make sure your setting fits with the gameplay and emotion of your game. I usually like to make my settings out of trails. Make sure to be detailed, but don't let the player get distracted when playing. Just like your character, it's a good idea to plan out your setting before you code it. Where are you? What time of day is it? What emotions do you want to get out of your player with the setting?

The Game Style

Your game style is very important. Think of it as the skeleton of your game. There are many different game styles, but I'll only point out two of the most commonly used ones.

Character vs. Character
This is usually made with a player and an A.I trying to accomplish something between each other. It could be a soccer game. A fighting game. A tagging game. There are many different combinations.
Character vs Time
This is a game similar to the saying, "a race against time". Your character wants to accomplish something, but he/she/it must do so with a limited amount of time. You could have levels or worlds to this type of game. You could also include lives so your player can play for a longer amount of time.

Game Theme

This is different from a game style. This is what you want your player to feel throughout the whole game. Is your game happy and exciting or is it scary and suspenseful? Make sure your setting, characters, and style fit with your theme.

The most important part of any game is having fun! Not only the player should have fun, but you should have fun making the game. If you're ever stuck on anything, don't quit! Just try again. :smiley:


Hi there! Awesome name!

Every awesome game doesn't have to have complicated code! All you need is an awesome idea! Look at other projects and get inspiration there!

Every project is awesome!

Also, by making awesome projects and staying positive is how to get followers!


Btw @Harry

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I just found this great video about game making made by Dr. Em:


That is really useful! :smiley:

Summary of the video here :wink:


I never do that..... Lol