How do you make an art pad in hopscotch?



I need serious help. The only reason why I want to make it is because it would be a good place to draw my art works. :blush:


This is the basic code for drawing

You can add a Width slider/stepper that increases/decreases the Width variable. Similarly, you can add sliders for the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness variables (or use RGB if you prefer) and also have presets for basic colours.


Hi @Doughnut_The_Hole! That’s a great idea! I think there are some tutorials on the forum to show you how to make an art pad, let me try to bring up one


Next time please search the question before posting it.
Mr.gam3r gave you an answer, so I won’t.


You can look at the code from other art pads and see how they work. That’s how I did it.
Once you understand the code for just one color choice, it’s really just repeating the same thing for all the other colors you want.

Pretty sure there’s some good tutorials you can find on here.


I learned from the video when art pads were new.