How do you make an animated pixel art/moving trail art


Hey guys!
How would you make an animated pixel art?
I don’t think there is a topic like this
@SarcasticTvHead made this trail art thing where it would move in a satisfying way, how would you code that?


I think maybe you could use clones of squares and time them to move when you want them to?
Make sections of those squares then code their movement?


I used sin and cos, @MyPizza has a animated pixel art tho. Not sure how it works


Yes, but how would you move each one in a different way?
Clones are all copy of its original project


When game starts

Check once if clone index = 2
(Make the clone do something)


See this topic:

That wouldn’t work. Only the original object (clone index 1) does when game starts. The equivalent for clones is when object is cloned.


Clones boi


I actually have no idea about this, even though I know how to make “normal” trail art. I´d check out what everyone said above though, everything seems pretty helpful!


Not sure how this works either, sorry