How do you make an account that’s not a school account?



My friend is trying to make a Hopscotch according unit, but the only option for her is to get a school account. When I made an account, this did not happen. Could anyone help me make my friend a regular, non-subscription account?


Is she on an iPhone? Because if you are on an iPad you can simply tap Skip and you are in a guest account. From there you can tap the gear icon and tap Sign Up.


No, she’s on an iPad. Yeah, that is what usually happens, but I tried to make an account for her and the same thing happened.


Hmmmm… let me do some testing.

Making An Account

Tap “Get Started.”

Tap “Go to school version.”

Tap “I’m a student on my school iPad.”

Tap “My teacher didn’t give me a login.”

Choose to either create or play projects.

Tap the gear icon in the corner of your guest profile, and tap “Sign Up.”

Enter a username, password, and email. Then tap “Continue.” You should have an account.


I have bookmarked this, thank you Tankt!


Thank you so much!


Hopscotch should have an option for those who aren’t teachers or students

Like, “I’m at home and I want to use Hopscotch”


I agree. It used to be that way. It would avoid confusion.


Okay, now that my friend has an account, she has limited projects. I saw this on her account. I’m just wondering why this is. Now you have to get a subscription to have more than 15 projects!


It’s sad but that exists because THT needs a way to make money to keep this going.


Oh. So now only if you had an account before that was set in place you can exceed the limit?