How do you make a voting thing


Can anybody tell me how to make a voting thing I tryed everything I could think of please tell me how to make a voting thing @PopTart0219 maybe can tell me?


That doesn't tell me how to make a voting thing


There is already a lot of topics about this, so try searching before you create a new one! But I don't blame you now, when I was new I created a topic about this too! You do:

- 1
- 2
[/poll ]

(On the last thing, don't do a space!)


I don't get it


You need to do the [ ] parts before the poll.



- Option 1
- Option 2

Replace the ( ) with [ ], and you'll get this! :wink:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2


Look here for more info!


Ok spy like this


no you have to:
- option one
- option two
- option three
[/poll ]
remember no space for the last poll
and remember to type -(space)option


Option 1
Option 2

#13 look at my comment above you need to include [poll.] and [/poll]


But I did I am unteachable:sob::tired_face::confounded:


Option 1
Option 2
Option 3


Edit this post and you can see how! Edit!

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3


No one spam here!


It won't let me edit a voting thing :sob:


Hit the little pencil at the bottom of the post!


OH no my pencil is gone I can't edit what is this a glitch or something I can only edit the stuff that I posted why


I don't know can anyone else see it?


Copy this

- option for vote 1
- option for vote 2
- you can add more by just adding more dashes
[/poll ]
Remove the space


Oh I think I get it now

  • option 1
  • option 2
  • option 3


OMG I did it I made a voting thing YAY! Omg I'm crying tears of joy right now