How do you make a video of your screen?



I can make screenshots but I just don't know how to take a video of my screen can someone tell me?


So awesome you want to start making videos with Hopscotch @CutiesCuties!

Here's one way you can create your own videos from Hopscotch:

  1. I plug my iPad into my computer and use Quicktime to record the video. To do it this way, to need Yosemite OS on a Mac (new operating system) and a lightening cable to connect your iPad.

  2. If you don't have Yosemite on a Mac or have an older iPad that does not have a lightening cable input, there are a few other products you can use to do this (this blog offers a summary of some options). My favorite is called Reflector, which is super easy to use.

Hope that helps! If this doesn't work for you maybe someone else knows another way

Tutorial video suggestion

When I try a record video it says it cannot record or it says recording stopped :frowning:


Oh dang! That's really weird. You might not have the right software to use my first method. You can also try using an computer application called "Reflector", but it costs some money.

Does anyone else have another method? I'm sure there are more!


Thanks @Ian! It's just sad that I can't do your method.:confused:


Like @Ian was saying, if you have a Mac, you could use QuickTime. It's what I use and I find it pretty straightforward and very useful. I learnt how to record my iPad screen with QuickTime from Hopscotch's awesome video:

The video shows you how to turn your projects into GIFs but, in the process, it shows you how you can record your iPad screen. The link is here too if you would like to open it from YouTube:

Tutorial video suggestion

I searched this up and this link gives a couple of options



Oh and I should add one more exciting thing!

Apple's new iOS 9, which will be out this month, includes a new feature called ReplayKit. ReplayKit will let you record your projects by pressing a little red button from within the project play screen!! And then it will save the video right onto your iPad so you can send it to whomever. No need for these extra apps or complicated steps we've been talking about! Wooo!

The only downside is that only certain iPads will be able to do it (airs and minis, I think). Stay tuned!

Ways that hopscotch can improve in

I saw the video!!! I :heart::heart::heart::heart: It!!!!


This sounds so so awesome and exciting. Imagine what we could do, with recording our own Hopscotch videos much more easily and quickly as a result of ReplayKit. Thank you so much for sharing @ian! I did not know about this until now.


Yes! I have a mini so I need that update. The only device I have to film YouTube videos with is my iPhone which doesn't film that great.