How do you make a trail art spiral in hopscotch? 😛



Yeah I've been on hopscotch since January
But I don't know how to make a trail art spiral
But I need to know how
Halp me pls


Good question. When you Set Position, change the radius and the angle at the same time. Ie, make the radius bigger as you increase the angle.

Here's a Sine block to clarify:


Can you show me screenshots (by the way, I don't want sine and cosine and stuff I just want a simple example :stuck_out_tongue:)


There's a draw a spiral block ability in hopscotch. Open it up, and pick apart the code! :slight_smile:


There is? I thought with the update they removed it


They did... Sorry, I just realized that.
I'll make a quick tutorial right now, I'll tag you when I'm done! :slight_smile:


Okay, I finished! I just tagged you! :laughing: