How do you make a tag?



I have seen many people have tags ( the bright teal things that have something written in them) that are their names or something they made. When i do it, it says choose optional tags. Can you make your own tags?


Only regulars and above can make their own tags :wink:


Thanks! Also do you know why what i wrote earlier has a orange line beside it?


What do you mean by an orange line?


never mind it gone.


Oh okay then


I was actually gonna make a topic like this

@Gobli09 thanks for letting me know!


I think that it could have been “the carrot line”. It’s appearing in the “new topics” page sometimes and here is a topic that explains it:

And if you ever would like a tag, I can make one for you, like my personal tag #william04gamera


Regulars can make custom tags with people names on it and stuff! I’m not sure if you’re a regular, but if you aren’t I can make a tag for you, just tell me what you want it to be!