How do you make a speech bubble?


I'm trying to make a speech bubble for an ice cream shop game, but I don't know how! Can someone help? You will get credit. :slight_smile:


Like, a trail art one? That @IShallNotBeNamed uses for her coded model? If it is I can help with that :slight_smile:


Yeah, like that? :smile:


You can also use an emoji speechbubble. I normally do not use emojis in games, but if you don't want to code a speechbubble you can use emojis :D


I would like to code it.


That's what i'd done too :D


Huh? I've never coded a speechbubble as far as I can remember...


Or you can do it with shapes! Just put a triangle really close the the edge of a circle, and adjust it. It eventually will look like a speech bubble when you adjust it right!


Sorry, I forgot you were Creations of a noob, not IShallNotBeNamed. XD


I just figured out how to do it! :smiley:
I'm publishing the test, with some Cheetos Credits!


Well there are several ways, you can use a white triangle and a white circle and move them close together, or you could do trail art. Is there something I could work off of?


I found out how to do it already, but thanks anyway! :smile: