How do you make a scrolling project?



I need help making a scrolling project!:laughing:


Welcome to the forum! Watch the scrolling video or is it another type of scrolling?


Kinda! I just want to make a scrolling website! :grimacing:


Welcome to the forum!


The scrolling video will help a lot!


Thanks! I heard of it on Hopscoth, and so I decided to join!:relaxed:


Ok! Thanks again!🤗:heart::heart::heart: Yay


No probelem! It's my job!


Ok! I guess I can now relly on you for questioning:joy::joy::laughing:


Welcome to the forum! Although @Huggingfluffybear suggested you use the video, as a new user, you may not be able to figure out the website part. I'd recommend you make a scrollable project, then a non scrollabe website, then put them together! Feel free to @me anytime you need help. :wink: :blush:


Uh, actually, I've been on Hopscoth for awhile! Look me up! I just have never done a scrolling project ever. I tried once, and it didn't work!!:frowning::rage:!! It was really frustrating!:rage::rage: