How do you make a score keeper? [BETA TESTERS]


Plz help me out with the score keeper!! I need it for my new game, also I need beta testers! So if you either want to help or be a beta tester plz reply!
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You want a points thingy in your game?


Like @CreationsOfaNoob said, do you mean something that can keep track of your score. If so, it’s pretty simple.

In just two minutes, I created a simple score code. It is easy to understand and it works great. Every time the score should be increased, the Variable called “Score” increases by one. In the project that I made just to show you, it increases every time the circle is tapped. The text displays the current score using a repeat-forever block. Here is a gif showing the project:
And here is the code:

The code for the circle:

As you can see, it’s very simple. Every time you tap the circle, the score increases by one as you can see in the “When Circle is Tapped”-rule.
The first rule (“When the play button is tapped”) is just used to change the look of the circle when the project starts. If you want to make a score count, you should just add “Increase Variable Score by 1” where you want the score to be increased. You can decrease the score, or increase it by more if you want.

The code for the text:

This code is also very simple and it’s used for displaying the score. In the beginning of the rule “When game starts”, the text increases it’s size by 100 percent and then it displays the current value of the variable “Score”.

I hope that this helps, and if you want, I could help you even more and show you how to do a high-score text!


I’ll Betatest @laser_eyed_puppy


Can I beta-test???