How do you make a post able to be edited?



Read the title. It explains it all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I won't say PSBYP. But there is a topic already about this! Rawrbear made it


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You tap the three little dots at the bottom of your post, and then there should be a picture looking like a box with a pencil coming out of it. Or there aren't three dots, the icon should already be under your post. I think @seawolfwerehorse was the first to ask about this!


Yeah, I didn't see any of those..


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No three dots. There's a pencil icon, but not the notepad


Do you see the icon on the bottom of my post? It should be there. Wait...I don't think this option is available for everyone. I think some people on his topic couldn't do it, and it was assumed that only regulars could do this.


Sorry, I didn't know that. Editing post now...


Ok. Probably only regulars can do it, because I don't see anything. Thanks anyway!


I was the one who found this out! :grin:


I think I didn't not posted anything a ways anough of that did you get what you needed lightning strike?


Yes I did. :smile:
You need to be a regular to do it.


Oh okay! How many times were you flagged? And we're you on 200 days?


I think I wasn't ever flagged. So far, I was on for about 3 months, (90 days or so:confused:)


Well, here's a test
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