How do you make a poll?



Even though l saw some hopscotchers do tutorials on how to make polls but I don't understand how to can anyone make pictures on how to make polls?


How to make a poll This is a post about how to make a poll. I hope it helps!


so you basically type that in?


Yep! For example:

  • this helped
  • this kind of helped
  • this did not help at all


  • apples
  • bananas
  • oranges


Thanks! That helped a lot!


@CutiesCuties @TeamSuper I also made a post on the forum about making polls here which you can check out. And just a tip, search the topic of your question before you ask, in case there's an answer already :smiley:


How do I make a poll


@t1_hopscotch made a post about it!