How do you make a hopscotch email?



In my normal account, I used 2000 and it worked! But again, Hopscotch emails aren't allowed anymore. Sorry!


Clear your cache! :wink:


Why arent they allowed??? im so confused??? they dont have any person info on them tho...


I'm wondering that too... @Follow4LikesOfficial?


I just re awkened my old topic bout it so this doesn't get clogged


Let me get the specific post, hold on
Watch this beautiful fun dot while I retrieve the post


What is a cache? I already tried clearing history and all bookmarks.


I want a hopscotch email but idk if I can have one, are they even allowed?


Are you on an iPad or computer? If on a computer, can you tell me what browser you're on? I'll tell you!


I am on an iPad, and I am on safari.


We already know some peoples' HS emails. I think she's trying to imply "don't share any more". I'll ask her in the next leader meeting


:angry:I tried making mine and it didnt work either. I put 1980 and it didnt work.


Maybe can she use a throwaway email? Throwaway