How do you make a hopscotch email?



So I might be doing an artist account with @RenegadeBird1, and I don't want to give away my personal email. Can anyone give me the link to a website where you can make a hopscotch email?


Go to to create a gmai.l account!


I will try it! Thank you! :grinning:



I tried it, and it said, Google cannot create your account. :pensive:


Hmm... can you show me some screenshots?


Sorry, but hopscotch emails aren't allowed anymore. :frowning:


Oh. Never mind then. :neutral_face:


What about the disposalable email?


hmm okay so taking of from the pictures above use the name as your user then do something like Dude73Hopscotch as the email then do a pass do the birthdate of 1/1/1889 (age limit thingy) then skip the number and current email then just do the code


I think that could work.


1889 seems a little sketchy lol


Oh wait what? their not allowed anymore?? Why? Should i take mine out of my bio then?
lol i like da number 1889


It won't let me try again.


did you use 1889? if that didnt work try 1880


Maybe try 1995?


I used my real birthday, and it won't let me try to create again. :pensive:


try redoing the whole thing by x'ing out then going back in dont use your real b-day because of age limits use ?/?/1880 or something old like that

?= whatever number


Yeah, you have to be a certain age. I said I was born in 1940 :sunglasses:


It won't let me redo it. Just takes me back to the same page every time.