How do you make a high score?



I am making this game based on improving your score, and you restart when you die, etc. Can anyone please tell me how to create a high score counter on my game?


Making a high score counter

It's actually pretty easy to make a high score counter, once you know how. First you have to make a value for the high score. Let's call it High Score, that makes sense.

Now you have to make the high score become the score when Score is bigger than High Score. That's easy, we can use this:

Then do this with it:

Now you're done! Sorry this is a horrible tutorial, (I'm tired and should be asleep) but that's how you make a high score. I'm off to bed, see you when it's morning for me! :grinning:

What tutorials do you want?

Thanks so much! It's surprising how easy it is! See you in the morning (for you at least :smile:)


Great tutorial @MathGirl. Can I make this into a better tutorial? I will still give credit.


Sure! I'd like that!