How do you make a group?


How do you make a group tag thingy in the forum?


You ask t1 for it :wink:


Please search before making a new topic. There is an identical one to this that was answered.


Oh right I never do that sorry


@Petrichor, I know that there has been an identical topic, (or more then just one) but the topics like this are just topics asking questions and it's not that big a deal when someone accidentally makes a similar topic to another one. So instead of worrying about a topic overload, let's just do our best to answer the questions, okay? :D


I did answer the question. In the way we answered them in summer 2016.


Oookay then, although that's not all my first post was trying to say, lol ;D


Good idea to get in the habit.

After all thats the whole point of the spyglass up there :smiley: