How do you make a easy/simple drawing pad?


I was looking at orangescets drawing pad and tried to make one but could not figur out how to. HELP?


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I could make a tutorial.. If you want!


Well, if you want HSB colors, it can be a little complicated. But if you make one with just hopscotch colors, it's not as hard. I made one, you can check it out , I'm bluedogmc. I'll will add some screenshots of code, hold on.


. So basically I used hexagons, and made them change color to show the color of the trail they would leave. Then you add rule to the thing that is drawing, in my case the plus sighn thing. The rule says "when _______ is tapped change trail color to_______" and you repeat. Sorry if this is confusing, but feel free to go to my drawing pad and use some of the code.


@PercyJackson9 look at my project called "Gilbert Challenge #1"
The code is very easy and simple.