How do you make a drawing pad?


I am tired of remixing CheerfulOwl's drawing pad. how do i make my own?


Search before you post


This topic is asking how to not okay this how you do it but yeah you might want to search before posting.


Did you check her code? That could be very helpful.


Uhhh there is a ... at the end? Do I tap that to keep reading?


You want to make a value. Then on the object that when its tapped makes the color, your going to make the rule when character is tapped set value ____ to any number. Then take out a new object and make a rule that says when value equals number leave a trail color _____ set pos to last touch x and y. Hope this helps!


Just keep repeating these steps to make a pad. You can look at mine on hopscotch. It has 40 colors.


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Thanks. This was really good!