How do you make a drawing pad? Reply Plz


It would be nice if someone would tell me. My hopscotch user is @KawaiiKitKat and reply if you know how.


Welcome to the forum! Hold on, let me make a quick tutorial...


Here, this is @seawolfwerehorse's video. Not mine! :wink:


Why thank you! :grinning: Your so nice!


Thanks! Look at @seawolfwerehorse's video for more details.


I've seen this actually but at the end mine wouldn't work


Np! I've seen it but at the end it wouldn't work.


Have you tried looking at the code of a drawing pad? It might help you more to see it up close and personal


Argh! My iPad's acting up, and it won't let me upload photos! Sorry, hopefully I can get it to you tomorrow!

Basic stuff